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Laura Whitmore’s Desert Island Picks

Laura Whitmore

We’re in the height of July and many of us are lucky enough to be packing our bags to jet off to the sun. As we were sitting on our suitcases ater jamming as much as we possibly can into them, it got us thinking what exactly we’d HAVE to have if we were stranded on a desert island.

Better yet, what would our celeb pals need on a desert island? We got the inside scoop from the stunning Laura Whitmore (@thewhitmore). See her must-haves below.

Her Beloved Record Collection:

Laura Whitmore record collection

Frame Juice:

Laura Whitmore juice


Her Boo:



Laura Whitmore x Daisy Necklaces:

Laura Whitmore x Daisy Necklace


Slick Wheels:

Laura Whitmore car


Essential Snack Bar:

Laura Whitmore Snack Bar

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