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Lessons of a Social Media Star: James Kavanagh

Congratulations to Melissa Maria Carton who is the first winner of the #GalaxyStyle competition to be a reporter at this year’s Dublin Fashion Festival! Watch her entry above. On each Saturday of this month frockadvisor, in partnership with Galaxy Ireland and the Dublin Fashion Festival are holding blogger workshops with some of Ireland’s most loved social media stars. To kick off the festivities, James Kavanagh took over the Blue Room of the Dean Hotel to tell aspiring bloggers the tricks of the online trade and how to build a loyal following. Here were some of his top tips:
  Get to Know the brand The starting point is getting to knowing your blog intimately. It is important that it has a consistent identity and a tone of voice when looking to gain followers. Take some time to get to know your brand, what it is that your blog stands for and what you are trying to say. Make a mood board if it helps! Would you be Scarlet? Whether posting on your blog or on behalf of a brand its important that you don’t come off as patronising to your readers, which can happen easily. In order to get around this, James proposes that you ask yourself, “would I post this on my own personal Facebook?”. If not, don’t post it. Conversation Pillars One of the most important things to build an engaged audience is create content that people want to read. For example, you’re a food blog talking about Galaxy chocolate. You could talk about how smooth and delicious the chocolate is, or you could talk about the bar’s close relationship with the Irish fashion scene. Finding this unique angle can create a conversation. Have a few main conversation pillars in mind that define your blog, these can help you plan out content for the weeks ahead. Use your Friends The Dublin blogger community is small, that’s why it is so important to network and be friendly to everyone. People have lots of different talents, and one man’s weakness is another man’s strength. Make use of the abilities of your friends and fellow bloggers to maximise your blog’s potential. If you have a friend that studies photography, draws fashion illustrations or has started working as a graphic designer, use them to create exclusive content that makes your blog stand out. Protect Yourself! James explains the importance of protecting your social media accounts following the hacking of his Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat which he experienced recently. To avoid this, have different passwords across each platform and change your password regularly. As a blogger your social accounts are your tools, without your tools you can’t do the work, make sure you keep them safe.  

Congratulations to Melissa Maria Carton who is the first winner of the Galaxy Style competition to be a Reporter at the Dublin Fashion Festival!

  James Kavanagh    

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