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Let’s Get Waisted: The High Waist

high waisted
High waists hide a multitude of sins, from lumps and bumps to tummy bloating. The slimming cut hides the bulge while cinching the waist. High waists offer coverage as well as style meaning that the look appeals to both the younger and older fashionista. Channel your inner-Simon Cowell and pull those waistlines up as we walk you through a collection of high waisted looks from the app.

Cream of the Crop

high waisted A high waist can make a crop top more accessible to the mass market as the combo only dares to bare a flash of flesh. We’ve balanced out this crop top with these ribbed high waisted shorts with aztec beaded detailing from Nine Crows

Structured Waistline

high waisted We are lusting over this structured fold panel skirt from Pia. We adore the Metropolis digital print and the high waistline. Style your high waisted look with a crop top to ensure that the mid-section appears slim. Alternatively, you can style the look with a fitted shirt or top. Avoid tucking oversized or baggy tops into your waistband as this will add volume and undesired bulges to the waist. 

Short Hem, High Waist

high waisted These indigo high waisted denim shorts from Pretty Woman are a “Must-Have” for every summer wardrobe. From curvy hourglasses to skinny minnies, any shape can carry of the high waist trend. To nail the look, style your shorts correctly. Remember the goal is to appear smaller not bigger! So avoid adding width to the waist.

High Waisted Diva

high waisted   We’ve hit “LOVE” repeatedly on the app for these high waisted Diva by Salsa jeans from Olives Boutique. Fitting is vital when it comes to owning the high waisted trend. If your high waisted jeans are too tight you’ll notice unwanted and unflattering bulges in your mid-section. Likewise, if your high waist jeans are too baggy the look can appear just as unflattering. Think Taylor Swift, not her middle aged mother! 

Triple Threat 

high waisted This high waisted midi from Sarah-Jane is a trend essential this season. Not only are the hem length and waistline on trend, the bold print is also a summer essential bold print. Bold prints were a mainstay on the Spring/Summer 2016 runways of Kenzo, Vivienne Westwood and Gucci meaning that this high waisted midi is a trend triple threat.  

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