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Lip liner rules

We know that the 90’s have come back with a vengeance in terms of beauty and style and don’t get us wrong, we’re all for it! There are definitely elements that we love, and some, not so much. The latter refers to  full scale lip liner a la the 90’s (see exhibit A), where too dark a shade lip liner harshly lines lips, making pouts look unnatural and just a bit tacky! While we love the lip shades associated with 90’s style lip liners, we think it’s important to apply lip liner in a strategic manner, so as to flatter your lips and make them look the best they can. Scroll below for some top tips on why and how you apply lip liner. Lip liner rules, if you will. 


Exhibit A. (Image source: Beauty Banter

I S   L I P   L I N E R   N E C E S S A R Y ?

No and yes. It’s not exactly crucial, but trust us once you start will lip liner, you won’t want to stop stop. Lip liner not only lines the lips but it also acts as a primer, essential for making your lipstick look better and last longer!

W H E N   A N D   W H Y   S H O U L D   I   U S E   L I P   L I N E R ?

There is nothing worse than smudged lipstick throughout the day or night out. As we mentioned before, lip liner acts as a primer, meaning it ensures that your lipstick lasts longer. Simply line the lips as normal, and then fill in your lips completely with the pencil, then apply your lipstick. This simple tip will make your lipstick stay put without reapplication. If ever you run out of lipstick or forget it, use lip liner as lipstick! After all, lip pencils are basically like matte lipsticks. Simply apply all over the lips as you would lipstick then blend with your fingers to erase visible pencil lines.  This is the one rule where we agree with the too dark a shade lip liner usage. Outlining your lips with a liner that’s one shade darker than your natural lip colour will make them look instantly fuller and defined. However, you want to avoid lining outside the lines of your lips too much. Instead, you can line ever so slightly outside your natural lip line in certain areas, like the cupid’s bow and directly under your cupid’s bow, under your bottom lip. Lining outside your natural lip line on the edges of your lip will just make you look like you have clown lips, so avoid at all costs!   

Unfortunately lipstick bleeds, especially if they have a glossy or satin finish. To keep colour from budging, use a nude lip liner, as close to your natural lip shade as possible, then dab concealer around the outside of your lips and set with loose powder, before applying lipstick. Not only will this prevent your lippie from bleeding, but it will also make your lips look fuller and more pronounced. 

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Cover Image Source: Cultura RM/Angela Cappetta | Cultura |  Getty Images 

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