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Madonna at the Met Gala: Age-ist or Tasteless?

Madonna defended her risqué Met Gala outfit with a statement made on the Pop Queen’s Instagram account yesterday. The iconic popstar clapped back at critics who scolded her for wearing the outfit deemed  inappropriate for a woman heading towards 60. Madonna claimed her Givenchy bondage look took an avant-garde stance which aimed to highlight women’s rights, along with the prejudice our society has towards women and the right to express sexuality at any age. 

Prejudice, Don’t Preach!

madonna Never one to shy away from a controversial fashion statement, Madonna’s outfit consisted of a bodysuit, draped with lace, leg straps, body jewellery and killer thigh-high leather boots. Her boobs and bum were covered only by lace. Not the most modest look a mother of four could sport, but then again Madonna is not your average, run of the mill mother. 

Who Wore It Better?

madonna According to critics there is a cut-off point which makes it unacceptable to get your boobs and bum out in public. We don’t remember a time when public nudity was appropriate for any age. Bare that in mind, are the critics age-ist or is the dress itself tasteless?  Madonna turns 58 this year, but age was not about to stand in the way of a good fashion/political statement. Does the queen of pop have a point? Were people as outraged and disgusted during last year’s Met Gala when Beyoncé, 24 years Madonna’s junior, wore a revealing see-through piece that left little to the imagination. What about when Rihanna let it all hang out in her Swarovski nude dress at the 2014 CFDA awards? Where were the PC police and fashion critics then? frockadvisor support the Queen of Pop and her fight against age-ism and sexism, even if her stance is a little cheeky!  
Image Source: Instagram

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