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Maintain Your Mane – Top 6 Thickening Products

We all dream of thick and healthy manes of hair. However, for some of us full, voluminous locks are harder to obtain than they look. There are a whole range of factors that can impact hair growth, menopause, stress, chemical damage, overstyling, poor diet and even pregnancy! Luckily, there are also haircare products that can help to revive your magnificent manes and nurse them back to health.

3-Steps to Thick Hair

hair For a really effective hair thickening treatment, reach for Nixion. Nioxin offers 3-part systems to treat thin or thinning tresses. The volumizing leave-on treatment contains antioxidants and botanicals which refresh the scalp. Part 1: The first step of the 3-part system involves cleansing the scalp. Nioxin’s cleanser removes follicle-clogging oils, fatty acids and residue from both the hair and skin.  Part 2: Involves revitalising the scalp with Nioxin’s lightweight conditioner. The conditioning process provides hair resilience and controls moisture. Part 3: The final part of the 3-part system involves treating the scalp. The treatment is infused with antioxidants and botanicals which cleanse and refresh the scalp.

Instant Boost

hair For instant results, pick up Matrix Biolage Volumebloom. The volume boosting shampoo removes impurities, unclogging the scalp and encouraging hair-growth. The formula is enriched with thickness boosting properties. The innovative hair thickening product boasts volume increase of up to 70% after just the first use!

Caffeine Fix 

hair Add life to your locks with DGJ Organics Thickening Shampoo. The advanced treatment contains caffeine which promotes hair growth, reduces hair loss and makes hair look and feel thicker. The lavender fragrance relaxes and soothes the senses, while the volume boosting formula thickens and creates a fuller mane.

Over 40’s

hair Plantur 39 Phyto-Caffeine Shampoo was specifically created for women over 40. Women’s roots are protected by high levels of female hormones. After women hit menopause, their estrogen levels drop and the impact of male hormones increase. This can cause the hair to thin, fall out prematurely and the scalp can often become visible. A combination of natural wheat extracts and provitamin B5 condition, repair and protect coloured and stressed hair. The damaged hair structure is smoothed and the hair is provided with intensive shine. The active caffeine ingredient penetrates the hair follicle, this can be detected after being left on for 120 seconds. Natural wheat extracts combined with provitamin B5 condition, repair and protect chemically stressed hair. Damaged hair is smoothed and natural shine is revived. The scalp-friendly shampoo contains only weakly dosed softening and conditioning agents to ensure the hair maintains its volume and appears thick, full and fabulous.

Age Defying Locks

hair Defy the hands of time with Pantene Pro-V AgeDefy Shampoo. The triple active complex infuses three nourishing ingredients which are uniquely blended to give your locks a volume boosted shine that looks up to ten years younger. The miracle shampoo thickens the strands by temporarily coating them. For the best thickening results, use daily with the AgeDefy conditioner and the Advanced Thickening Treatment.

Healthy Mane

hair Viviscal Maximum Strength is a supplement which helps to maintain healthy hair growth from within. The tablets are scientifically formulated with Biotin and Zinc, which aid in the hair’s natural growth process. The supplement also contains marine protein complex AminoMarC. The recommended daily intake is two tablets a day for 3-6 months, then 1-2 tablets daily as required to maintain your healthy mane.

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