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Meet Marc Jacobs’ comedian muse

marc jacobs muse drew droege
Professional Chloë Sevigny impersonator, Drew Droege, is the latest in a long line of designer muses. But this muse stands out as arguably the funniest. About six years ago, Drew Droege began uploading hilarious clips of himself doing impression of fashion it-girl, Chloë Sevigny. Now the YouTube star has hit the big time as Marc Jacobs muse!  Apart from modelling for Marc Jacobs in his spare time, Drew Droege is also an incredible actor. He recently stared in stage in a rendition of The Devil Wears Prada. Naturally, Droege played the part of Miranda Priestly flawlessly. We can’t wait to much more from this budding star in the future.



Want to see more from Drew? Check out this hilarious clip:

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