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Miss Independent-The Best Indie Beauty Buys

frockadvisor love a good underdog story. While we often use and review major leading brands, we also enjoy indulging in our favourite independent brands every once in a while. We’ve decided to expand our makeup bags and beauty cabinets while we cross the boarder from our usual beauty counters to explore the best independent beauty buys that our beauty regime can’t live with out.

NERD Skincare

beauty NERD Skincare understand the importance of science in your skincare regime and are applying it to their products to revolutionize the world of skincare. The independent brand use world renowned scientists to discover connections between microbiomes and our skin’s health. No more pain before beauty, NERD treatments are tailored to your facial flora unlike generic brands that cause the skin to become red, itchy, flakey, dry and sensitive. NERD avoid targeting and killing all of the skin’s bacteria unlike other leading acne treatments. The independent beauty brand understand that some skin bacteria play essential roles in creating healthy clear skin. NERD‘s range of products include treatments that are benzoyl peroxide free, salicylic acid free, hypoallergenic and even contain biocellulose, which translate to all of us non-nerds as “beautiful skin”.

Earth Tu Face

beauty Earth Tu Face is an independent skincare brand founded in 20120 by two herbalists, Sarah Buscho and Marina Storm. The brand provides 100% natural, purely plant based, organic skincare. The formulas are free of toxins, synthetic compounds, alcohol, chemicals, fragrances and genetically modified ingredients. Every ingredient used to create the natural products is an active ingredient, meaning that the brand don’t use fillers. Each formula contains specifically picked plants that restore, heal and rejuvenate the skin. Every product is created by the independent brand and is tested only on humans.

Amanda Lacey

beauty Amanda Lacey sources the finest ingredients from all around the world to produce her independent skincare and fragrance range. The products contain plant extracts and natural oils to calm the skin and leave you looking radiant, healthy and youthful. The 2012 Tatler Beauty Awards winner also uses natural essential oils to fragrance the products. Working closely with medical experts and with 20 years of expertise behind her, Amanda Lacey is more than qualified to freeze time on your aging process and tackle your problem skin.


beauty Onomie is an award winning independent skincare brand, created to simplify women’s beauty regimes with advanced formulas at an affordable price. The indie brand, that combines advanced skincare and makeup, has been featured in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire and Glamour. Onomie honour influential, women geniuses from history by naming their product shades after them. Onomie products contain the highest quality ingredients such as white lily, Alfalfa extract and vitamin. The products are extensively tested during clinical trials. Onomie products also come with a 30 day money-back guarantee, so you can rest assured your skin is in safe hands.  

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