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Monday blues: 5 stories to cheer you up this am

Hey there, chin up, we all get the Monday blues – you’re only human. But why not take a couple of minutes out this morning and treat yourself to some feel-good news. With all the doom and gloom cluttering our feeds it’s only natural that we get swept up in it and feel depressed.     

Watch: Baby panda poses for selfie

Check out this adorable baby panda that loves his carer – the super cute clip has been going viral lately and it’s easy to see why. 

Watch: The green lady

The charming Elizabeth Sweetheart, spoke to the New York Post about her love off all things green. Yes, the aptly named Ms Sweetheart, is absolutely besotted with the colour green – even more than hardcore St Patrick’s Day celebrants.

Watch: Alexa Chung explores how to become a fashion blogger

We hope these Alexa X Vogue episodes never end! The fabulous fashionista explores the fascinating world of fashion bloggers and the people behind those hugely popular sites. Check it out:

Watch: Taylor Swift go A over T on a treadmill

In an add for Apple music, Taylor Swift demonstrated her not-so-great cardio skills on a treadmill. The ‘Shake it Off’ crooner takes a hilarious tumble as she struggles to get her heart rate up.

Watch: Beyonce is flawless and inspirational as usual

In a stunningly choreographed advert for Ivy Park workout wear, Beyonce rocks the brand’s collections and recites a soliloquy about her life to date.  

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