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Morning Beauty Hacks To Save You Time

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Looking for an extra precious few minutes in bed? We have you covered, with the help of these beauty hacks which will save you time in the morning! 

text saying 1. Dry shampoo and morning beauty hacks to save you time

Dry shampoo is your best friend. We all know that washing our hair everyday is not good for it as it strips the natural oils from your hair, making it more dry. Spritz dry shampoo into your hair before you go to bed. This will soak up any excess oil and when you wake up your hair will look and feel freshly washed! text saying 2. hydrate while you sleep and morning beauty hacks to save you time. Hydrate your skin while you sleep rather than spending your precious time in the morning moisturising. Invest in a good night cream or moisturising face mask. This means that you will be doing your heavy-duty skincare regimen at night and then in the morning, you can take it easy. Instead of carrying out the entire cleansing/washing process, skip this and opt for micellar water instead! text saying 3. de-clutter & organise. morning beauty hacks to save you time De-clutter and organise your products. Get rid of any beauty products that you never find yourself using. Rummaging through such products is making you waste time every morning. Also, you plan your outfit the night before, so why not plan your makeup the night before? Looking for your mascara first thing is the morning is not ideal! Planning your makeup will definitely save you time and limiting to the products you actually use will make life easier.  text saying 4. multi use products and morning beauty hacks to save you time We are huge fans of multi-use products, not only are they convenient but they’re time-friendly! Use a multi-use product like a CC cream, which boasts a number of beauty benefits, like colour correction, moisturisation, and sun protection! So much handier than having to use 3 products for the same effect. Also, use lip and cheek stain, or a cream blusher on your cheeks and lips!  text saying 5. makeup on the go and morning beauty hacks to save you time Some people just don’t do, won’t do makeup en route to work. But lets be honest, there has been at least one time in your life when you’ve had to do the final makeup touches on the go! Don’t be too spontaneous and try to do a cat eye flick during your commute, it just won’t work! Instead, stick to basics and save your final touches for your commute. Choose products that you can easily apply with your fingers, rather than fumbling around looking for brushes. Products like lipstick, stick highlighter and pressed powder are commuter friendly.
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