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Petite person here. How do I look taller?

How do I look taller? A question as old as time. Sometimes it’s tough being a petite gal, supermarkets are a veritable obstacle course, all those lovely products on the higher shelf is just plain cruel! Another annoying thing is how people perceive you just because your small – your treated like some kind of novelty. Well, we can’t make you physically taller (unless you undergo gruesome leg lengthening surgery) but we can help you appear somewhat Amazonian.  Kim Kardashian is tiny at 5ft 2” as is Jessica Simpson, and Kourtney K – she’s a sprite at 5ft. As the fabulous Nicole Richie once said ”There’s a whole world up there that I know nothing about” and we want to help you discover it.   

Short Shorts 

Or short skirts – this playful look drastically adds inches and makes your frame appear much taller than it actually is. In warmer weather don’t shy away from flashing a bit of leg  – it’s nice to let your skin breathe.  Nine Crows – Shop  How do I look taller

Rock low-cut vamp heels 

Fabucci – Shop How do I look taller Not ideal in colder weather, but sporting some low-cut vamp pumps instantly elongates the legs – giving the illusion of added height! Neutral tones similar to skin colours can also add a couple of illusory centimetres.   

Don’t knock the knot 

How do I look taller If you happen to be fortunate enough to gave a head of luscious locks then tying them up in a cute top knot will undoubtedly add a few centimetres. Couple this look with some statement sunglasses and a slouchy Tee and you’ll look as tall as Gisele – well, almost.   

High waist = essential

Place – Shop How do I look taller A solid high waist look pinches you in and in doing so, elongates your frame instantly. Don’t forget to tuck in your top to keep your look on point!   

Vertical stripes

Lou Lou – Shop How do I look taller A tried and tested staple for the petite woman – vertical stripes are a great way to add height. The best thing about this look is that stripes NEVER go out of style!   

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