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Post workout skincare

post workout skincare yoga
A trip to the gym can do the soul a world of good – if only we could get motivation! But when the mood does strike, you should be skincare prepared. We all know not to wear makeup to the gym, it’s just a disaster waiting to happen. But what should you do to your skin post workout? Well fear no more, we have the answers:   

Avoid the tanning beds 

post workout skincare self tan st tropez A lot of gyms still have tanning beds – you might be tempted to get a sun kissed glow seeing as it’s summer, but seriously, don’t do it. It has been proven time and time again that sun beds deplete the skin’s collagen, they also cause sunspots and can cause skin cancer. Opt for a gradual tanning product instead – we love St Tropez’s in-shower self tanner. Shop

Hit the showers 

post workout skincare routine shiseido Following an intense workout it’s imperative that you shower – but you don’t need us to tell you that. If your muscles are sore don’t be tempted to have a hot shower – opt for lukewarm water to cool down. Your skin will thank you. If you want a deep cleanse a light exfoliant. Shop  


post workout skincare garnier body oil Following on from your shower it’s important to keep your body moisturised. A light lotion of dry oil should do the trick. Shop  


vichy cleanser For a skincare routine on the go, opt for a product thats light and paraban free. Shop  


post workout skincare Leaving the gym in the summer means your skin is exposed to harmful UV rays. If you have exfoliated it is vitally important that you slap on the sunscreen. Shop  


post workout skincare coconut water This one if pretty obvious, but for a whole body care and skincare, rehydrating is vital. A humble bottle of water should do the trick, but if you had an intense work out, try some coconut water. The potassium will ease your muscles.     

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