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Power Dressing: Land your dream job

The month of January is all about making those resolutions that you try to stick to year in, year out. However, this year Tesco Mobile, along with frockadvisor, want to help you avoid all those bad recommendations, and make the best of 2016!

Give a girl the right shoe, and she can conquer the world! In a time where first impressions count, it’s vital to dress for the job you want.

Be Bold

Nothing says “woman in control” like a classic suit in a slightly unexpected colour. Rather than going for a pink or green one (save those for when you have the job) go for a burgundy, blue, or cream. The colour shift from the usual hues says you’re confident and ready for whatever life throws your way.  

Hey Tailor

Our hearts sink when we see a beautiful woman in a beautiful suit that doesn’t fit her properly. We can’t say this enough: a good tailor is a life saviour. Find one, and stick to them, because they can make an ill-fitting jacket fit you like a glove, or elevate one to the realms of fantasy.  

Suits You

Nothing says power player like pushing the boundaries. Instead of the bleak grey pantsuit, swap the pants for culottes or an A-line midi skirt, or instead belt the blazer or opt for a waistcoat. You will remain polished and professional, while letting your personal style shine through.  


Christine Lagarde, the head of the International Monetary Fund, has been called the most fashionable woman in finance. Why, you may ask? It’s because her signature bright coloured scarves bring the eyes upward, forcing viewers to focus on what she says.  

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