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QUIZ: Which AbFab character are you?

Adina and Patsy abfab
Edina or Patsy? Edina or Patsy? This is one of life’s tough questions – next to the meaning of life, or whether that second bottle of wine was a good idea. To celebrate one of our favourite TV shows coming to the big screen, we decided to help you answer that very question. Take our Absolutely Fabulous Quiz to find out which character is your counterpart, your spirit animal, and your soul mate. Sweetie darling, hurry!  
  Who’s your favourite designer? A. Lacroix, sweetie. Lacroix. B. Betty Jackson C. Whatever I can pick up in the local charity shop
  Describe your fashion sense in 3 words: A. Bloated citrus fruit B. Eighties power balad C. Bearing a grudge
  Drink of choice.. A. Boli? Stoli? Boli Stoli. B. Whiskey, Vodka, and Chanel No.5 C. Just water please
  Your best friend comes to you for advice. You say… A. The older you get, the more terrifying life is B. Down a bottle of whiskey C. Get on with your own useless existence
  What’s your attitude to your birthday? A. Therapy. B. THAT’S my real age? I’ll SUE C. I’m surprised you remembered
  What’s your favourite time of day? A. When day-light subsides B. I don’t do favourites or days C. The early bird catches the worm
  What will your epitome read? A. I woz ere B. She was fantastic C. Long term sufferer
  Your working day consists of… A. A 50% discount at Harvey Nicks B. Raising hemlines so high that the world is your gynaecologist! C. Never-ending studying for my degree
  What’s your favourite non-verbal insult? A. Blowing a raspberry B. Bitch-face C. Eye-roll

Mostly A’s – Edina MonsoonEdina Ab Fab

You’re a wine-swilling, fun loving, PR fashion victim. You get bored easily, and have a self indulgent, skewed sense of reality. Yet despite being thoroughly dysfunctional, you have a heart of gold with a loyalty and love for those around you – even if you regularly put your foot in it with them. Christian Lacroix is your LIFE darling.

Mostly B’s – Patsy

Patsy AbFab
Your outstanding talents include a sharp tongue, forgetting your real age, and an innate ability to drink vodka non-stop for half a century. Your world most likely revolves around the 3 b’s – bootleg, botox, and your BFF. Without those you’d disappear in a puff of smoke. Giving alms, advice, or solace is not really your thing, yet you have no problem demanding assistance when in need. Yet we all want to be a Patsy, bottle of Stolichnaya in hand.

Mostly C’s – Saffy

Saffy ab fab
Sweater vests, reliability, and resentment are what you’re all about. You’re an intellectual and struggle immensely with those who value what you don’t. Still, you have a caring nature and often look after those who don’t really deserve it. You can give as good as you get when it comes to put-downs. You can’t help what you were born into!

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