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Seductive Shapewear

Big event? New dress? Still not lost your winter weight? No time to hit the gym? Yet to start your cayenne pepper detox? Worried about those lumps and bumps showing up unannounced? Relax, frockadvisor have the answer, build yourself a good foundation with Atir Shapewear! Atir Shapewear design nylon-free shapewear to control and conceal those problem areas. Founded by Rita Mylett in 2010, the body shapers are designed and manufactured in Ireland. The brand stock 13 styles of shapers in sizes xs to 6xl. From body suits to high-waisted thongs, there’s something to streamline every shape. Now stocked in 150 boutiques in Ireland. Materials, cuts, stitching details and comfort are at the forefront of the brand’s design process.

Seduce in Shapewear

shapewear Sculpt your body with this body-shaping slip. The nylon-free body slip, streamlines the hips and shapes the waist, while holding in the tummy. Shapewear is usually synonymous with big, unflattering, granny panties. Atir Shapewear recreates the definition of shapewear with this ultra racy, lace trim hem. Finally, we don’t have to worry about our dresses creeping up to reveal our Bridget Jones knickers!

Tummy Tuck Thong

shapewear This high-waisted, shaping thong is ideal for concealing both your panty line and your love handles! The firm control is the perfect foundation when wearing tight jeans. No more over-spillage! For instant tummy tuck, add Atir Shapewear knickers!

Hide Your Lumps & Bumps in Your Jumps

shapewear Jumpsuits are everywhere this season. From runway to highstreet, there’s just no escaping this Spring/Summer seventies trend. Thankfully, Atir Shapewear have created this body shaper with legs, so we can own the trend while feeling tight and toned. The body suit tones the waist, stomach, thighs and bum and can be worn with dresses, skirts, playsuits, jumpsuits, trousers, culottes and jeans. The interchangeable straps mean that the body suit can be worn with any style.  

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