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Stuff you do that your boyfriend doesn’t know about

We love our boyfriends dearly, but their are some things they are better off not knowing – for their own good! You can be sure that they have their own quirks as well they’re hiding from you, it’s only natural.     

Win arguments in your head

You know that feeling you get in an argument with your BF where you know you’re wrong, but you just keep rambling, despite the fact he is right – well in your wonderful imagination you are always victorious. 

Casually stalk their ex’s social media 

It’s the circle of life, they stalk your ex, you stalk theirs – social media will ruin us all.

You lurk hot guys on Instagram 

He probably lurks hot women so you have every right to lurk a cutie too. It’s harmless, only people that take life too seriously would be upset. 

Secretly hate their relations

It could be a cousin, their mum, dad, or sibling, but chances are you will find a dislike with at least one person in his family. Again, this is totally natural – he probably thinks your sister is a bitch (he wouldn’t be 100% wrong). 

Secretly have a crush on their friend 

It’s ok to have a healthy crush, they usually pass. If anyone tells you you’re a bad person for having a crush on his friend, just let them know that it’s really none of their business and they should lighten to f**k up. 

You hate their best friend

Yeah, you can never admit it, but you hate their bestie. He’s loutish, ugly, talks t0o much about rugby and makes more misogynistic comments than Trump – it’s a miracle you haven’t cracked. He has a TOWIE reject girlfriend that hates you for no reason, but she still insists on hanging out with you and commenting ‘x stunnin gawjus girl x’ on your selfies. 
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