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Surviving The Stride of Pride: The Beauty Edition

photo of girl pouting at camera
The walk of shame/stride of pride is one that no one likes to be caught in. If you end up staying over somewhere (no judgement!) and need to make a quick dash out the door, you need to be prepared. Make your walk that little less shameful by exuding an air of freshness and confidence with the help of our tips on Surviving the Stride of Pride: The Beauty Edition.

1. F A C E   W I P E S 

Panda eyes are not a good look on anyone, especially the morning after. Kiko Cleansing Pure Clean Mini Wipes are perfect for a night out as they’re tiny and will fit in to the smallest of bags! photo of kiko wipes  

2. M A K E U P 

You don’t have time to faff about with your makeup, as you want to make your exit asap. Concealer and cream blush are perfect for instantly lifting hungover skin! Touch up with concealer under the eyes to disguise dark circles, and use your fingers to blend the cream blush into the apples of your cheeks and lips. photo of concealer and blush Try Bourjois Little Round Pot Cream Blush asnd Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer

3. T I G H T S / F L A T S

If your dress or skirt is a bit risqué, having tights for the morning after is key for making your journey home that bit more comfortable. Or, if you’re wearing heels, a pair of flats will honestly make life so much easier. No one wants to be teetering around in heels the morning after the night before photo of roleasole shoes Try Rollasole

4. P E R F U M E

So, carrying a full sized bottle of perfume is not exactly ideal for a night out, particularly if you’re using a clutch bag. Instead use a perfume container. You want to feel and smell as fresh as one can on a stride of pride. A little spritz here and there and you’re good to go! photo of a perfume travalo container Try Travalo 

5. C H E W I N G   G U M

Don’t forget chewing gum! It’s unlikely you’ll have a toothbrush at hand, unless he lends you his! 
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