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#SwipeRight: Tinder Celebrities

hilary duff holding dog lying down
“Tinder has had its day”, they say. “It’s a breeding ground for bad pick up lines and awkward first dates”, they say. Well, we still think we’d take the risk of an awkward first date if we came across and matched with Tinder Tom Hardy. Calm down people, he’s not actually on it. But some celebrities have actually braved the Tinder dating rat race, so much so that the app is introducing verified accounts. Take a look at these 5 bona fide Tinder celebrities….that you’ll probably never match.   Hilary Duff:

Dog collar 🙂

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Hilary Duff famously went on the dating app when she divorced from her husband, Mike Comrie. She said she was just sitting around drinking with friends when she downloaded the app because she wanted to date “normies”. Here’s to us normies!   Katy Perry

Just celebrating a run of 141 shows with a fun scorpion snack in Bangkok! #schoolsoutforsummer #naptime

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Oh Katy, if we matched with you we’d show you the Tinder date of your life. We wouldn’t even be mad when you inevitably never get in touch with us again afterwards (bit harsh though Katy). The popstar revealed back in April that she was single and looking for Tinder love. Which in real world terms means attempting to flirt with a match by exchanging suggestive in-app messages whilst sitting at home in your jim jams knocking back a bottle of wine – we feel you.         Leonardo DiCaprio
So while no-one seems to be sure if this is actually true or not, rumour has it the lothario is using Tinder under the alias “Leonard”. Poor Leonardo. Dating all those Victoria’s Secret models must get so wearisome. Maybe all he’s really looking for is some “normie” love too.   Dillon Francis

I don’t always tell people to put their hands up but when I do, it’s very fucking sensually ( by @rukes)

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Here’s one man that we’d love to match, purely for his banter skill. The world famous DJ has been caught out many times with screen grabs of his messages to girls and from what we’ve seen, we really want to hang out with him.   Dillon Francis Tinder Match Dillon Francis Tinder Match a         Lindsay Lohan
  @superga_it #sneakers @Zara_worldwide top @Maisonmichel hat @ysl shades   A photo posted by Lindsay Lohan (@lindsaylohan) on
So Lindsay Lohan announced her Tinder use by posting a picture of coming across her brother on the app. If we came across our younger brother on Tinder, we’d delete and burn with fire. Or we’d at least shudder, swipe left, and never speak of it again.

look who I just found on @tinderapp … hey bro

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  Cover photo: Hilary Duff Instagram
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