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Tackling the Root of the Problem

Roots showing? Unwanted greys peeking through your perfectly preened mane? Pay day ages away? No time to nip to the salon? Usually we’d cut ourselves off from society and confine ourselves to our homes. Luckily L’oreal have come up with the perfect product to satisfy our vanity, allowing us to become functioning members of society again. L’Oreal Magic Retouch is infused with rich colour pigments which target unwanted greys and visible roots. 

The Root of the Problem

root Apply to dry, styled hair. Shake well before use and avoid using too much product, a small amount will camouflage those unwanted roots. Hold the can about 10cm away from the hair and lightly spritz the affected area, allow to dry before touching the hair.  The instant touch up spray is ideal for women on the go. Like dry shampoo, the formula lifts the hair between washes. The root concealer also lasts until the hair is washed. 

Pinpoint Those Pesky Greys

root The pinpoint micro-diffuser precisely targets and conceals those pesky greys and visible roots. Magic Retouch perfectly matches and blends with leading shades, including salon colours. The lightweight formula is available in 5 shades ranging from light blonde right up to dark black. The product boasts up to 30 uses, meaning you can get away with a full 30 days of coverage before reaching a salon related emergency.  

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