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The 5 demands you’ll hear working in retail at christmas

retail christmas
Working in retail during Christmas is one of life’s biggest tests. When you work in retail during Christmas it kills any magic this precious holiday once had held over you. The world would be a much better place if everyone worked in retail for at least one Christmas.   

”Can you order them in and ship it to my house?”

No I can’t, it’s not store policy, nor is it my obligation to buy stuff online for you. Get a grip and let me get on with this day.   

”Hi, I bought these yesterday, but could you rewrap them in red paper… The customer is always right” 

The customer is actually wrong about 100% of the time, the only pleasure I get out of working during Christmas is telling customers ”no”.   

”Can you gift wrap the stuff I got in other shops too?” 

I’m sorry, but are you mad? I’m clearly super busy and doing the job of 4 people because my managers are penny pinchers and won’t hire more staff.   

”Will you mind my baby while I browse the store?”

Excuse me? You would leave your baby with a stranger so you can go shop/mess up all the folding I did. I think I’ll call the police, you’re clearly an irresponsible human.   

”What do you mean the product I want is out of stock? You have ruined my Christmas. Be a good girl now and call the other stores and get me it”

Firstly, you ruined your own Christmas by deciding to do all of your shopping on Christmas eve and secondly how dare you ‘be a good girl’ me and demand I call other stores I know for a fact are out of stock too.   
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