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The 5 types of guys you’ll date in your 30’s

dating in your 30's
When you’re in your 30’s the dating pool is rather scarce. All you want is a man with a good career, pecs and maybe a dog or two – is that so much to ask for? Apparently it is! Dating in your 30’s can be a lot of fun, you’ll meet some heartbreakers and you’ll most definitely meet some creeps – but hey, that’s life.   

The High Flyer 

This type of guy is great to date if you like time to yourself. They’re usually too busy with their amazing career to even notice you. You might see them two or three times a month and a bit more over the holidays. Perfect for those of us that like solitude.  


The Dilf 

The ideal candidate: already has a kid from someone he divorced. He’s hot successful and you don’t have to fall pregnant if you want a family because there’s already one ready made for you.  

The Peter Pan 

The forever child. He watches Family Guy, microwaves ramen noodles, has an Xbox, wears sweatpants with Dorito dust stains on them, most likely smokes too much weed – will probably try sleep with one of your friends. Avoid at all costs.  

The Creep 

via GIPHY The creep can be somewhat normal in the beginning – they might treat you to nice meals and bring you on weekend breaks, but that might soon change. Warning signs: Watch out for pictures of you in his house with the eyes cut out of them, bleach in your bolognese and a love of Jeremy Clarkson.  

The Bore 

If you have beige ambitions, want 2.5 beige children and want 1.2 beige holiday’s a year then this is the man for you. You can live out the rest of your years in agonising mediocrity together. If you want a more exciting life then run, or else you run the risk of cheating and eloping to Singapore with the intern.  

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