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The Alternative Christmas Gift Guide

alternative christmas
Sometimes leaving Christmas shopping until the last minute can be a bit of fun – everyone secretly loves a challenge. Doing a last minute shop allows up to tap into a primal hunter/gatherer psyche, some of us will win, some of us will lose – it’s all part of the skill that is Christmas shopping.  How about this year treating your nearest and dearest to something different – while you can never have enough scarfs, socks and scented candles, it’s always lovely to receive something a bit more special. Here are some key gifts to pick up for that special someone.   

The Exclusive Gift

Courtesy of the fabulous team behind Quintessentially – the uber exclusive concierge service – we introduce the ultimate in luxury gifts;   Glenfarclas Whiskey and William & Son, Gun and Rifle Makers, have joined forces to create a bespoke Rifle and Shotgun Cleaning Kit which includes a rare bottle of Glenfarclas 1963 Family Cask tucked away inside. The Rifle and Shotgun Cleaning Kits have been handmade by British artisans at William and Son and boast sterling silver cups, the finest cleaning rods, brushes with wooden handles, brass hardware and bride-hide leather holders, as well as the distinctive circular brass plate. The whiskey is complex, with a rich sherried nose which develops to reveal crème brulée and toffee notes followed by vanilla sweetness – yes please!  With only 20 of these enviable gifts available to Quintessentially members, there’s no denying this purchase would make it a Christmas no one could forget. To order your own contact the Quintessentially Wine team on 0203 073 6770.  

The Inspirational Gift

The art of gifting can take time to perfect, but the gift of art is timeless. Cue the incredibly talented Kyle Cheldon Barnett. This artist’s contemporary illustrations draw heavily on the realms of fashion and photography to produce one of a kind must-have pieces. Kyle’s eye catching illustrations can be made to order and can include different styles – depending on what the client wants. Check out some of Barnett’s previous creations which are quickly filling up the homes of Dublin’s biggest fashion influencers.    Alternative Christmas Alternative Christmas Alternative Christmas Alternative Christmas  

Instagram: kylecheldonbarnett 

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