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The biggest beauty trends of 2015

2015 brought to us an array of trends from contouring and strobing to a 90’s grunge revival in terms of makeup and glittery hair. Scroll below for an overview of some of the biggest trends that we saw in 2015. Love them or loathe them, these trends definitely made a statement.  The biggest beauty trends of 2015- contouring Contouring isn’t exactly a new trend, as it’s been around for years, however it went to a whole other level in the summer of 2015! Clown contouring had beauty lovers and  talking. Some people saw it as a bit of fun, but some saw it as extreme, either way, the video above is interesting and what brought this new found contouring technique to the forefront.  The biggest beauty trends of 2015- strobing
  We call strobing, the subtle sister of contouring, which in fairness is apt. Perfect for those who are done with the over contoured look and crave a more natural, subtle look. Contrary to contouring which focusing on darkening the hollows of the face (and can sometimes make people look older!), strobing focuses on highlighting the high points of the face, making your skin look glowy and more youthful. Essentially, strobing is highlighting which has been around since forever, but 2015 deployed an impressive marketing strategy which saw people wax lyrical over ‘strobing’.  The biggest beauty trends of 2015- 90s grunge revival
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History tends to repeat itself and that was definitely the case with the 90’s revival that shook up 2015. No one knows “Velvet Teddy” better than Kylie Jenner who was practically the face of 90’s grunge in 2015. Her vampy pout teamed with a smoky eye and super matte skin screamed 90’s grunge like no other. From varying shades of nude to plum tones, these 90’s inspired lipstick shades were seen on nearly everyone!  The biggest beauty trends of 2015- grey hair Beauty trends of 2015 Not exactly a new trend for 2015, grey hair has been championed over the years by a bevy of A-list celebs and fashion industry peeps like Nicole Richie and Rihanna to British Vogue fashion features editor Sarah Harris. The biggest beauty trends of 2015- glitter hair

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Glitter hair was championed by almost every festival goer in 2015. Reminiscent of the 90s, glitter was splashed on the roots of the hair (a handy way to hide regrowth!). Women creatively applied glitter to the hair to give an eye-popping result. Glitter roots were seen all over instagram and we have a feeling this trend will continue in to 2016, particularly around festival season. The biggest beauty trends of 2015- no makeup makeup The ‘no makeup’ makeup look has always been popular, however it really became prevalent in 2015. Seen on the Alexander Wang, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and Tory Burch catwalks for Spring/Summer 2015, this gorgeous trend encouraged women to let their natural beauty shine through. Models like Gigi Hadid and Kendal Jenner are often seen sporting this ‘bare faced’ look and you can be sure that makeup has a part in creating their flawless look. Strategic placement of makeup is all you need to recreate theno makeup’ makeup look! We love the video above of one of our favourite makeup artists Lisa Eldridge who creates this look perfectly.   The biggest beauty trends of 2015- gold trend
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Gold really had a moment in 2015! It set the bar as the ultimate metallic sheen for beauty lovers and trendsetters alike. From golden hued eyes and lips to gold-leaf hair, this luminous beauty trend had us mesmerised. Earlier in the year, renowned makeup artist Pat McGrath created a gold pigment which can be used on the eyes and lips (as seen at the Prada SS16 show in Milan), which may have been the catalyst for this glistening trend. The biggest beauty trends of 2015- glass nails
There were a number of nail trends in 2015, but one that really stood out was the glass nail trend. This pretty trend was created in South Korea and involves placing segments of cellophane on the nails, which reflect light the way diamonds do. We love this trend and hopefully it carries on in 2016! Cover Image Sources: The Fashion Spot, The J.J Report.
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