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The Ethical Guide to Fashion

 Ethical fashion can be chic and cutting edge while still taking an honourable, humane stance. Fast fashion is everywhere, from high-street to high end, it’s all about minimising costs and maximising profits. Unfortunately, this often leads to exploitation and environmental damage. Brands will often threaten to leave a factory if the work can be done elsewhere cheaper, to meet production demands the factories are forced to cut costs, lower wages and often times work in unsafe conditions.

The True Cost of Fashion

ethical Ethical codes of conduct, or lack thereof, have been highlighted in recent years due to documentaries such as The True Cost and avoidable tragedies in third world countries such as the Rana Plaza collapse. The unsafe factory collapsed in Bangladesh killing 1000 workers. Both the factory owners and the workers were aware of the building’s unsafe infrastructure. Unfortunately, due to stressful company demands the workers had no choice but to enter the factory to work. Unethical practices can also have a devastating impact on the environment leading to river and soil pollution, pesticide contamination, disease, increased risks of cancer, birth defects and death.

Who Made My Clothes?

ethical As consumers we have a responsibility to research and ask questions about the brands that we hang in our wardrobes. frockadvisor support the fashion movement #WhoMadeMyClothes by celebrating our ethically conscious boutiques and designers.

Changing the World One Jumpsuit at a Time


 “No Sweat, Just Sparkle!” an ethos Wear We Wander was built on. The boutique ensures that all of their clothing and brands stocked in the store are ethically produced in a healthy work environment, that workers are paid a fair wage and granted basic human rights.

As of next year, the boutique will be donating 1% of all profits to the communities in which their garments are produced. This 1% will be used to educate women in fashion design, pattern making and production, enabling them to progress and sparkle!

Ethical Standards Create Eclectic Results

ethical Lindamelinda is an eclectic urban designer brand, designed and produced under strict ethical manufacturing standards in Hungary.

Organic Beauty

ethical Sophie Rieu launched her sustainable fashion label, Unicorn, in 2003. At the time, the ethical label was the first of it’s kind in Ireland. Rieu’s designs are produced in Ireland using organic fair trade cotton, linen, hemp and silk sourced from Ireland, France, the UK, Germany and Italy.

Ethically Empowered

ethical Ethical fashion and empowerment are the driving forces behind Banteay Srey Boutique. The boutique is ideal for the socially conscious consumer as none of the boutique’s products are mass or factory produced. The garments are all handmade, sewn and crafted to an ethical standard. The boutique also stock unique jewellery made from recycled materials such as paper, stainless steel and bullet shells.

Style & Conscience

ethical Ethical Souls Boutique provide reasonably priced, ethically produced clothing and beauty products. All of the designers and brands stocked in the boutique are fair trade and provide fair employment. All of the Ethical Souls beauty products are made with natural ingredients and are free from harmful chemicals.  
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