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The Juicery launches at The Westbury Hotel

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The powerhouse behind The Juicery, Cindy Palusamy, is already a household name stateside and in the UK when it comes to juicing and nutrition. Palusamy has now set her sights on Ireland – culminating in the launch of her hugely popular juice bar. The Juicery, which launched yesterday morning in the Westbury Hotel, is an international juice bar supplying nutrient hungry masses with the sustaining vitamins and minerals they crave. 
As well as founding The Juicery, Palusamy has also released a book Juice, Blend, Drink. – The juicers bible! The top selling book features recipes for fruit and vegetable juices, booster shots, smoothies, soups, nut milks, herbal sodas, and teas. There are recipes to suit everyone: fitness enthusiasts can enjoy pre- and post-workout drinks, moms will appreciate the ways to sneak greens into their kids’ diets, and our favourite – juices to impress guests at brunch. 
Cindy Palusamy describes The Juicery as being “different from other juice brands in that we didn’t start from the perspective of cleansing or detox.  We’re about a healthy beverage a day integrated into your lifestyle.  Life should be about balance.”. We for one cannot wait to make these juices part of our regimes! 
The hugely popular book is currently available on: Amazon
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