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Week 2 // 14 weeks to go…

I’ve been thinking about giving up this week. Not on the run obviously, because I Iove the run. I’m one million percent committed to the run. Committed, excited and not remotely regretting signing up at all. No, I’ve been thinking about giving up other things. Things that are very dear to my heart. Things like cake and smoking. This epiphany has come off the back of a few pretty indulgent weeks – f*ck it,who am I kidding? Years – and it’ll all go towards transforming me from beached whale to beach goddess. I’ve always had a very sweet tooth but after some offensively expensive dental work last year (the result of an artisan Sourdough loaf-related injury – please don’t even ask) I’ve been worrying about my teeth. So I’ve officially banned myself from eating sweets. Cakes. Chocolate. Biscuits. Those amazing Gu Zillionaire Shortbread puddings. All gone. I’m five days sugar-free-ish already! And it’s fine to drink – booze doesn’t count as sugar because you can’t eat it. Next on my list – cigarettes. My one true love. The longest relationship of my life. Also the single most stupid thing you can do. I’ve dabbled with giving up in the past and always, always failed. But this time I mean it! I’m going to be a better person and kick those nasty little cancer-makers in the nuts for good. My last cigarette will be Monday 8th February. So all in all, it’s been a pretty big week! To celebrate, I decided to treat myself to a gorgeous new Edwin varsity jacket,and a nice new pair of New Balances. Not for running, obvs. For wearing with my new leather trousers, new cream alpaca sweater and new denim Bethnals French worker jacket. I might also need to think about giving up shopping to be honest, but that’s a whole other story. Amidst all the Big Decision-Making and shopping joy, I almost forgot the reason behind all of this…the dreaded half-marathon. And I’m very proud to announce that this week, I totally went running! Hurrah! It wasn’t quite the four runs proposed on the training schedule (it was one). And I wasn’t quite running the whole time (I walked every five minutes). But still. I left the house in athletic wear, moved for a period of time and came back very red and tired, so that definitely counts as training. I’m so proud. My week in numbers…
  1. Miles run: 2.49
  2. Number of miles run without stopping: 0
  3. Hours spent admiring new Edwin varsity bomber jacket: 7
  4. Family-sized blocks of cheese consumed to make up for cake ban: 1
  5. Number of times I’ve talked about my run: 187
How I’m feeling about this: Ok, so I’m still not setting the athletic world on fire but I’m giving up smoking and I’ve given up cake. YES!
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