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Week three // 13 weeks to go I’m known for a couple of things:  I judge peoples’ shoes  I love pizza as much as I love my own mother  I sleep through alarms No matter how many I set, or how loud the volume, alarms are my nemesis. I hate them and they hate me. And this week, I slept through no less than 40 alarms. Which slightly f*cked up my training schedule to be honest. Now, it wasn’t completely my fault – it never is, obviously – but I do have to take some responsibility. I’d been so excited about the good person I’m about to become, what with giving up fags and chocolate, I planned a week chock-full of awesome dinners and parties and hanging out with friends. And invariably, all those lovely things come with lots of wine and getting to bed past my usual 9pm cut off. So all the morning runs I’d planned sort of, accidentally, completely fell by the wayside. Which is a bit of a shame. Because by this point I should be doing four runs per week. In total I have now done three runs and one of them was so pitiful I’m not even sure it counts as movement. Fuuuuuuuuu…. I’m feeling a bit crap for having failed so massively already. I’m bricking it to be honest! But maybe this is just what I need. A nice bit of healthy fear. And on the positive side of things, I haven’t had any treats in over a week and I’m now totally fag-free, which for me is pretty monumental. I’m experimenting with different alarm ring tones – Taylor Swift wakes me up more effectively than Warren G, but less effectively than Beyonce, just FYI – as I am determined to beat the snooze button. I WILL BEAT YOU, SNOOZE. And next week will be better. It will be. It f*cking has to be… My week in numbers… Number of cigarettes since 8th February: 0
  • Number of times I’ve thought about cigarettes: 8002
  • Miles run: about 4
  • Number of runs: 2
  • Duration of each run: 1 x 27 minutes; 1 x 7 minutes
  • Number of times I pressed ‘snooze’: 187
How I’m feeling about this: a touch disappointed in myself.
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