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The Modern Man’s Summer Wardrobe.

When living in a country with weather as unpredictable as ours, giving advise on dressing for Summer is no mean feat. The Irish man’s wardrobe for the season should be considered, as so that it is both versatile and durable. If you’re a fashion conscious man, or looking to improve the style of the man in your life, keep reading. We’ve dived into the app to find the essential items for the modern man’s Summer wardrobe.
  Jackets: Keep your jackets light weight, if you make the right choice you will get use out of it until Autumn. We suggest a bomber or a trench for this, in tope or a cream colour. These jackets are very wearable and can be dressed down or up so whatever the occasion. Shirts: Keep your shirt bright and colourful, look for prints with repeated patterns for that modern edge to your outfit. Otherwise, you can never go wrong with a white shirt. Wear without a tie and buttoned down to achieve a casual summery look. Shorts: As Irish men we love our shorts. The first sign of sun in early April and the legs go bare. You may have noticed our shorts changing from baggy and knee length to short and tailored over the last few seasons, and the length of shorts are only getting shorter. Look for pastels or deep, rich colours like maroon or navy when choosing the pair for you. Socks: This Summer, prints are making an appearance in a big way, and socks are the best way to show off your affinity for style without being too daring. Below are the perfect example, go crazy and express yourself.

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