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The Original Tansie – Your Sheets Will Thank You

Chrissy Teigen recently posted a fake tan faux-pas on snapchat. The snapchat, labelled “Spray tan diaries”, depicted the model’s fake tan stained sheets and we couldn’t help relating to the Sports Illustrated model. There’s literally nothing worse than prepping for the weekend, applying layers of tan in a bid to evolve into a golden goddess, only to wake up in a bed that appears to have been the setting of a dirty protest. Not so glam. Avoid Chrissy’s rookie mistake by investing in this season’s Must-Have beauty product, The Original Tansie.

Stain-Free Sheets

tan The Original Tansie is the world’s first post-tan onesie, specifically designed to save your sheets. No more binning old fake tan stained bed sheets! To put the product to the test, we wore our Tansie immediately after applying fake tan and hopped into a bed of white sheets. When we woke in the morning, no tan stained sheets. Chrissy Teigen take note! Another fake tan problem we often incur is standing around waiting on our tan to dry in fear of staining the sofa. We’ve got into the habit now of throwing on our Tansie and strutting around the house sitting wherever we please, confident in the knowledge that our furniture will remain stain-free.

Ditch the Rags

tan Every fake tan addict has a post-tan wardrobe. Clothes that you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing in public, except for maybe after a spray tan! They’re old, unwanted and stained but they become our wardrobe essentials just after fake tan application. The Original Tansie frees up wardrobe space and allows us to bin those eyesores.   The one-size fits all onesie, fits between a UK 6-16 and up to 5’9″ in height. 

Streak-Free Results

tan The Original Tansie isn’t the most chic of outfits, infact it looks like a boiler suit, but you can’t argue with the results. The onesie is lightweight, loose fitting and friction-free to ensure a streak-free result. The design does not include cuffs or elasticated waists which aids in our quest for that perfect natural looking fake tan. The suit is created with a multi-layered bonded specialist fabric which is durable and disposable. While the Tansie was created to be a disposable product, it can be washed and reused again and again. For best results, wash at 30°C and tumble dry on a low heat setting.

A Good Night’s Sleep

tan   We have to admit, our first impressions of the suit were that it would be sweaty and uncomfortable to sleep in, but the lightweight, loose garment was extremely breathable and couldn’t have been more comfortable. If you share a bed with your significant other, they will more than likely have woken up on more than one occasion with a patch or two of tan after a fresh application. To avoid a tan fuelled domestic, we suggest investing in a Tansie. Both your sheets and your partner will thank you!  
Image Source: Instagram

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