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The return of the supermodel…

The supermodel is back! You probably didn’t need us to tell you that. The likes of Cara Delevingne, Gigi Hadid, Jourdan Dunn, Kendall Jenner and Lucky Blue Smith have redefined what it means to be a supermodel. When one thinks of the word ‘supermodel’ they usually think of early-90’s-amazonian-glamour. But in 2016, supermodels are social media savvy, engaged with their audiences and making more money than their predecessors.   


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  Supermodels today are accessible yet fierce – their star power is unprecedented. Kendall Jenner recently brought Manhattan streets to standstill as she was pursued by paps. When teen heartthrob, Lucky Blue Smith, shared a Snapchat of himself at the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan – the mall was swamped within minutes with droves of fans looking to catch a glimpse of the star. These models are engaged with a burgeoning generation ready to change the world – this generation want a better lives for themselves and the world. But they just can’t let go of the 90’s. 
I just realized how many photos I’ve taken like this😂😂😂 A photo posted by Lucky Blue / blusway (@luckybsmith) on
  Perhaps the resurgence of the ‘supermodel’ has some correlation with the recent obsession with all things early 90’s. The 90’s after all, where a time when supermodels reigned supreme – the recent nostalgia for all things 1990 has seen old TV shows getting reboots, fashion trends looking to the Spice Girls and Buzzfeed churning out ‘You know you’re a 90’s kid when..’ articles so fast it’s almost nauseating. Maybe supermodels operate as a way to pacify disenfranchised millennials, or maybe I’m just looking too much into this topic – both ideas are possible.    These new ‘supermodels’ come under constant scrutiny. Many claim they aren’t ‘real supermodels’, they only got where they are because of who their families are – that’s probably true. But on the surface, these nouveaux supermodels seem like decent people (unlike Naomi et al), these newbies aren’t afraid to have fun, nor are they cold, distant and stoic like their predecessor. In a way they embody a lot of what millennials want for themselves – self sufficiency. This new generations personalities (long with great bone structure) are what make them super-models.  

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