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The top 7 emotional stages of your work christmas party

christmas party work
The work Christmas party is a recipe for disaster. Take a big bunch of people that work together, ply with alcohol and watch them all unravel in front of one another throughout the course of the night. Awkward flirting, getting names wrong and general messiness – yes, the work christmas party is a tradition many of us would rather see die out.


Despite the thought and effort you put into your secret Santa gift you end up receiving a gift voucher for Boots – thanks to the weird guy in accounting.


You end up in the nightclub toilet at the same time as your boss, you’re far too drunk to act normal, you try to play it cool, but fail miserably.

Awkward X10

You’ll ask someone who works in your office who they came with – only to realise you’ve worked with them for five months. 


You hit on the beautiful intern in front of the whole office.


You wake up, remember all the horrible things you did and realise you may as well hand in your notice on Monday.


You get horrendous flashbacks of making a scene after you heard your boss crack a joke about you.


You look at the pictures you took, and notice that you took 20 blurry selfies with the aforementioned beautiful intern.   
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