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The tortured model

What do Rick Owens and Hussein Chalayan have in common? No, it’s not creating ingenious clothing, but rather, both of these designers seem to have a penchant for torturing models. Paris Fashion Week was a plethora of mouth watering designs and smorgasbord of names, names, names. But what was happening on the runway was akin to a modern day pillory. Models at fashion week were forced to contort there bodies, strap fellow models to their back and some were basically waterboarded on the catwalk all in the name of fashion!  Hussein Chalayan, whom is infamous for the transformative dress, treated audiences to a high fashion Guantanamo Bay scenario. Standing centre of the catwalk were two models in white paper dresses, as they posed, ice cold water fell from the ceiling, eventually dissolving the outer shell of the garment. One model was visibly uncomfortable as the icy water cascaded from her head, over her shoulders and down her back. You can almost hear the models thoughts;
”Why couldn’t you use warm water you pretentious tosser? I’m standing here basically in my nip, getting Chinese water tortured by a petrified intern up in the rafters. If this doesn’t get me featured in Vogue then I might actually sue?”   Rick Owens is another avant garde designer with a fondness for making models jump through hoops. Rick Owens’ show was almost like a performance art piece, the models carried other models harnessed to their bodies. Perhaps it’s to symbolise the duality of man, or perhaps it symbolises the burden of life itself. But our prognosis is that Rick Owens wanted to shock audiences by making his models literally carry each other down the runway in highly unorthodox ways. As models trudged down the runway, visibly weakened by the weight of another human on their body, we imagined what were the models thinking;

”My neck is so clammy, this is gross.”

rick owens models october 2015 legs  

”I look like I’m giving birth to a fully grown woman”

    rick owens models october 2015 harness    

”7 years of modelling classes and theatrics, all to have my face planted in some models vagina. How fashion.”

rick owens


”Look mom, I have Sophie Ellis Bextor suspended upside-down from my body’

rick owens models october 2015

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