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Throwing Shade: Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

We’re throwing serious shade in the frockadvisor HQ this afternoon. No we’re not talking bitchy comments and backhanded compliments, we’re talking sunglasses.  No summer outfit is complete without a classic pair of shades. With sun-filled holidays and festivals on their way,  frockadvisor set you in the right direction to finding your perfect pair.


Round faces are defined as being short and wide with full cheeks and a round chin.  Own: Angular Styles as they draw attention away from the top of your face. sunglasses frockadvisor recommend these angular sunnies from Le Specs available at Dipili for all you round face beauties. Avoid: Shallow frames as they will lengthen the appearance of your face.

Perfect Proportions

If your face is evenly proportioned and softly rounded, your more than likely an oval shaped lovely. Lucky oval shaped faces can wear any frame of sunglasses. Own: Everything! Avoid: Nothing.


Is your face width and length proportionate? Do you have a wide forehead and a strong jawline? If so, you’re a square!  Own: Oval or round frames as they will soften the appearance of your jawline. sunglasses We adore these oval-shaped Chanel frames from The Brazilian Dresser. The perfect sunglasses to soften the appearance of a square shaped face. Avoid: Rectangular frames as they will emphasise the angles of your face.


Deeper forehead, square jaw or a long nose? Your face is rectangular.  Own: Strong brow-line frames as they will make your face look wider. sunglasses frockadvisor suggest these dramatic frames from The Opticians Crow Street for our pretty rectangular faces.  Avoid: Shallow frames as they will add to the length of your face.

Heart Breaker

Got a broad brow with a narrow chin? Your a heart shape. Own: Light coloured frames with thinner temples and exaggerated bottoms, channel your inner-Victoria Beckham and reach for the large sunnies. sunglasses frockadvisor suggest taking a look at The Dotty Lemon‘s range of sunglasses. These light brown coloured frames are perfect for our heart-shaped heart breakers. Avoid: Top heavy and wide top frames.  

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