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How do I strike the perfect work life balance?

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The month of January is all about making those resolutions that you try to stick to year in, year out. However, this year Tesco Mobile, along with frockadvisor, want to help you avoid all those bad recommendations, and make the best of 2016!

Many workers feel stuck in between a rock and a hard place, countless studies have proven that a shorter worker week means much more productivity than a prolonged working week, but we feel pressured or obliged to extend our days for the sake of the company. In recessionary times it seemed that the idea that one is lucky to still have the job one has only further perpetuated this unhealthy obsession with extending our working day. Now, we’re not calling for all out anarchy and sticking it to the patriarchy, but, we have curated some tips that might help you strike (somewhat) of a work/life balance.  


Studies conducted by the United States Military have shown that even as much as one hour’s loss of sleep at night can impair a person’s productivity dramatically the next day! Stress from work can impact on sleep, which in turn impacts on the bodies circadian rhythm, which is essential for gaining a good night’s sleep.

Lunch Hour

If you’re not being paid to work through your lunch hour then why do it? Many of us will feel pressured into working through our break, but this will ultimately leave us unproductive, tired, stressed and downright miserable. Take this hour to enjoy some food, have a coffee, or if you happen to work near a green space, go on a short walk, catch up with a friend.

Work Free Environment

The weekend is meant to be a time of relaxation or letting off some steam, on a Friday, after lunch ensure that your inbox is freed up, make a check list of everything you need to do and tick it all off. This way you can enjoy your weekend without some nagging feeling that you need to check your email. Spend your weekend doing things that you love!

Switch Off

It is so important to leave work behind after you walk out the door. If you have a company phone, switch it off once you leave, if it’s urgent, they can call your personal phone. There’s is definite temptation there to check emails, but detaching yourself from work and understanding stress management will greatly improve your life.

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