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Top 5 alternative fitness classes to join right now

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The month of January is all about making those resolutions that you try to stick to year in, year out. However, this year Tesco Mobile, along with frockadvisor, want to help you avoid all those bad recommendations, and make the best of 2016!

Maybe a regular old gym just won’t cut it any more. That’s ok, sometimes the gym can be quite un-stimulating after awhile, maybe you want to try your hand at something different – it is the New Year after all!  The great thing about fitness is that you are not confined to just the gym or jogging through the local park. Fitness has many different offshoot classes but the goal in each offshoot is fundamentally the same. Whether for aesthetics, health or a challenge your journey is your own. Here are 5 alternative fitness classes to try out in the New Year.   


Rock Climbing 

Not only is rock climbing incredible at building strength it is also so bloody fun you won’t even notice that you’re working out. Rock climbing can be taken up at relatively any age – opt for indoor rock climbing especially if you are a beginner. Awesome Walls located in both Cork and Dublin is a fabulous venue to start!  For more information or to make an appointment check out: Awesome Walls  


Pole Dancing 

In the past many people scoffed at the idea of pole dancing as a way to stay fit, these people couldn’t be more wrong. Pole dancing utilises virtually ever muscle in the body and uses your own weight for the duration of a session. Pole Dancing classes have exploded in popularity as of late.    Why not see what all the fuss if about and book a class here: The Irish Pole Dancing Academy   



In parkour or free running, the cityscape is your gym. No need to pay hefty fees here! ”There is a philosophy of human reclamation of the urban setting, personal expression and a world without limits. It can be dangerous for those that are new to the sport and you should get lessons from an instructor that can teach you all the safety rules.” 

Think you might interested in reclaiming the urban sprawl? Book a parkour class here: Dance Ireland




Taking into consideration Ireland’s large Brazillian community it was only a matter of time before we picked up some of their customs. Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance, acrobatics and music. Capoeira has been taking the world by storm in recent years due to its ease of access and incredible fitness results. Think you have what it takes to take on Capoeira? Book a class here: Dublin Capoeira  

Aerial Fitness

Aerial Fitness is the newest fitness concept taking over the globe. It is a fusion of yoga, pilates and aerial inspired dance. Think Cirque du Soilel meets yoga and you’re in the same ball park. This new and exciting workout strengthens one’s core and over time can hugely improve all round fitness.   Think you might be interested? Book a class here: Tribe

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