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Top 8 Fashion Films

fashion film devil wears prada
What exactly are ‘fashion films’ you might ask? Well, a fashion film, is any movie that flirt with realms of fashion. That could mean a narrative that follows designers, fashion magazines, models etc. We have compiled a list below that spans over 60 years worth of cinematography history. Check it out:

Coco Before Chanel

  This gorgeous French film chronicles the life of Coco Chanel, prior to her establishment as a fashion designer. This charming film utilises the picturesque landscapes of the South of France to create an enchanting mise en seine. The films a gripping storyline is full of love, betrayal and sadness, coupled with this, is the wonderful costume design in each scene. Audrey Tautou is captivating as Chanel. A definite must watch!

A Single Man

Tom Ford’s feature directorial debut is as powerful as it is beautiful. Set in 1960’s LA, the film follows a professor who struggles to cope after losing his lover in a tragic accident. The film plays out like a 90 minute perfume advert, with stunning cinematic qualities, displaying the gorgeous fashion of Tom Ford’s designs subtley mixed into a story filled with soul and depth. For fans of the designer or 60’s fashion in particular, this film is a must (Not to mention some delectable eye-candy with J-law’s former beau, Nicholas Hoult).

Funny Face

With costumes designed both by legends Edith Head and Givenchy, this film is a must for anyone interested in a history of fashion told through the ever-magnetic presence of Audrey Hepburn. The classic story of ugly duckling to dazzling pearl, draped swan, this film was incredibly fashion foward and the height of 1950’s chic. Forget Breakfast at Tiffany’s and check out the iconic looks of Funny Face.


The Devil Wears Prada 

A must watch for any fashion lover, this star studded film is iconic to say the least. The film follows Andy (Anne Hathaway), a recent graduate that landed a position at the much coveted Runway Magazine as the assistant to the editor. Meryl Streep plays Miranda Priestly, the petrifying editor in chief. This film is filled with absolutely gorgeous clothes and even more hilarious scenes.  


This hilarious film pokes fun at the perceived vapid nature of the fashion industry, Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller star as two sterotypically dumb male models trying to take on the fashion world. The film is full of hilarious moments and even more hilarious fashions. The film’s super villain Mugatu is the literal epitome of high fashion pretension.  

Saint Laurent 

Saint Laurent is a biographical drama starring the gorgeous Gaspard Ulliel. The scenic film chronicles the life of the legendary fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent, following him throughout his life and influences on his designs. The film is a must see for any serious fashion aficionados.  

Working Girl 

Working Girl absolutely screams 80’s excess. Every moment on screen is nostalgic throwback to power suits, gargantuan shoulder pads, bullet proof manes and garish make up. This movie is a must see for anyone that appreciates fashion and strong women.  

Advanced Style

‘The story behind the fashion blog which became an international phenomenon.’ Proving there is no age limit to fashion, this documentary paints a colourful portrait of seven unique New Yorkers whose eclectic personal style and vital spirit have guided their approach to aging. Aged between 65 – 95, these women challenge the conventions of beauty, ageing and society’s obsession with youth. Fun, Inspirational and a joy to watch.  

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