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Travel in style. The best travel looks for your upcoming holidays

travel in style
This year you need to treat yourself by traveling in style. It’s that time of year again where many of us start getting tetchy and start anticipating our getaways. Where will you jet off to this summer? Perhaps some island hopping in the Aegean sea? Or what about a luxurious break on the Amalfi Coast – whatever your plans are you need to ensure that you look and feel every bit as fabulous as you are.

Seagreen – Shop

This laid back look is ideal for long drives/en route to your destination. The dark colours and slouchy Tee allow you to look chic and stay comfortable. travel in style

McElhinneys – Shop

Imagine the yellow satin dress billowing in the wind as you strut down one of Ireland’s many illustrious promenades. travel in style  

Mali Style – Shop

Playful and simple, let this 60’s inspired look make you stand out from the crowds of tourists on vacation. travel in style

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