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Vintage Rap

Zoe Buckman is a mother, a wife, an artist, a feminist, oh and a gangster rap enthusiast. The artist grew up in a socialist, feminist household in East London and ironically was a hardcore Biggie Smalls and Tupac Shakur fan. As she formed her own political and social stances, Buckman realised a disconnect between her deep-rooted feminist principles and her love for a music genre synonymous with misogyny.

Every Curve

rap Buckman’s hanging art installation, Every Curve, takes delicate vintage lingerie and hand-embroiders them with brash, misogynistic rap lyrics. Every Curve does not aim to challenge the relationship between hip hop and women, or even the issue of gender inequality within our society. The intention of the installation was to channel the artist’s own contradictions in an attempt to understand the strange reality of loving something while also strongly disapproving of certain elements.

Objectification Throughout History

rap The artist chose hand-embroidery due to it’s association with women and it’s role within feminist art throughout history. Buckman uses vintage lingerie to symbolise the female form, ideas of objectification, female liberation, empowerment and sex.  The lingerie was carefully chosen to illustrate the objectification of women throughout history. Corsets depict how the body was restricted and repressed during the turn of the century. Slips and robes from the 20’s and 30’s highlight a time of celebration of the female form, when ideas of feminism began to surface in society. 50’s and 60’s lingerie represent a time when the body was once again restricted in a bid to appear more appealing to men.

Keep Ya Head Up

rap The installation does not only feature misogynist and sexist rap lyrics, it also addresses the pro-life and pro-women lyrics written by Tupac. Although she tried to find positive Biggie lyrics regarding women, the artist admits that her search came up empty.

Full of Grace

rap The aim of Buckman’s art is not to alienate an audience against the hip hop genre, but to start a dialogue, while creating something beautiful and thought-provoking as a way to come to terms with the contradictory elements of her own personal views and stances. Check out more of the artist’s work at  
Image Source: Instagram

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