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Wash N’ Go: Hair on the Run

Hair styles
Whether you’re dashing to the office, running late for an appointment or just can’t be bothered to get up out of bed that few minutes earlier, we all have our go-tos when we need to glam up on the run. Here at frockadvisor HQ, we love an extra few minutes in bed in the mornings, so we’ve put together a list of our MUST HAVE hair products and tools for those who need glam hair on a tight schedule.

Fast & Easy

Want fast, easy, long lasting curls? Get yourself an Eber! The José Eber 32mm Clipless Curling Iron creates large, bouncy, voluminous curls and waves. As the curling iron is clipless it avoids those crimped or creased ends which makes hair look less natural. The swivel chord twists 360 degrees, again this helps to create a more natural curl and styles with ease. The curler uses negative ion technology which neutralises the atoms in the hair eliminating static and frizz. The ceramic barrel and negative ion technology ensure a longer lasting curl, hair can hold a curl for days and no hairspray is required when styling. Faster styling is made possible due to the consistent, even heat setting. A revolutionary in hair styling tools, its easy to see why José Eber is a celeb fave! simple hairstyles

Do It In Your Sleep

The Aurora Band Night Roller is designed to curl your hair while you sleep. Wash your hair and towel dry it until its just slightly damp. Next, brush your hair and part it as usual. Apply the band securely over the forehead and pull away from the face as you wrap the hair around it in sections. Continue to wrap the hair around the band from the front of the face to the nape of the neck, until all sections are secure.  In the morning, unravel the hair from the band, shake out curls and go! simple hairstyles

Thick Hair, Don’t Care!

simple hairstyles Need big, thick, voluminous hair? No time to hit the salon for a bow dry? Try Bumble and Bumble Thickening Hairspray. The formula contains ingredients which add volume, moisture, body and fullness. The spray conditions and holds the hair, while lifting it from the roots. Spray evenly onto damp hair, work through the hair in sections before blow drying and styling as usual. 

Blow Me!

simple hairstyles Dashing to the office with wet hair because your alarm didn’t go off again? The new Dyson Supersonic contains fast drying technology to ensure that your hair isn’t dripping down your back all day! The innovative hair dryer has four heat settings, we suggest using the 100°C setting for those days when we haven’t time for a leisurely blow dry. There are also three precise speed settings, essential for those really rushed days. The high-velocity airflow ensures speedy results every time. The Supersonic also uses negative ion technology, meaning we can rest assured that our hair will be frizz-free while we’re running for the train.

Fear of Commitment

simple hairstyles When our hair lacks lustre but we’re not committed to the blow dry. The tried and tested go-to when our hair needs  a quick sprucing up on the go. Batiste Dry Shampoo should be tucked under every girl’s office desk in case of emergencies.  Cover image by goMainstreamCC BY 2.0

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