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Women in Hotwheels

Motocross, Formula 1, and Skateboarding. All sports strongly associated with men. However women have been making their mark on these sports as far back as the 1970s and we here at frockadvisor want to pay homage to some of the women in hotwheels. Skateboarding: Forget the stereotypes of the role of women in the 70s. The likes of Ellen O’Neal and Patti McGee were doing it for the skater girls back then. We have serious crushes on these vintage pro skaters because no-one emanates cool quite like they do.
Ellen O’Neal was the greatest female freestyle skateboarder in the world during the 70s. She is also one of the women who paved the way for skater girls today.


Patti McGee had many firsts in her skateboarding career. She was the first female professional skateboarder and won the Women’s first National Skateboard Championship in Santa Monica. In addition to this, she was the first woman to be inducted in the Skateboarding Hall of Fame in California. Her skating talents gained her the front cover of LIFE magazine in May, 1965.


Nowadays, Lizzie Armanto is becoming prominent in the skating world. She became passionate about skateboarding at the tender age of 14 and has now won over 30 skateboarding awards. Motocross:


Motocross is muddy, dangerous, and not for the faint-hearted but it’s exactly how you’ll find Tarah Gieger, a professional motocross racer from Peurto Rico, spending her time. She started riding motorcycles at 10 years old and began racing professionally in 2003. She has since gained numerous accolades like becoming the first female racer to compete in Motocross des Nations in 2007. Formula 1:


Even though you may have thought otherwise, yes, there are actually women involved with Formula 1. The likes of Susie Wolff is raising awareness of women in F1 and showing that it is definitely not a man’s only club. She is a fantastic role model for young girls who may have previously thought racing was only meant for their male counterparts. Now excuse us whilst we go dust off our penny boards.
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